Friday, May 30, 2014

50 Cent’s botched first pitch was a publicity stunt: Report

The pathetic first pitch 50 Cent threw out on Tuesday before the New York Mets took on the Pittsburgh Pirates at Citi Field is going down as one of the worst opening throws in MLB history.

Fiddy's motion was awkward, and the ball sailed far to the left of the catcher, making everyone wonder if he was aiming for the side of his boyhood Queens home.

The rapper's toss did get a lot of air play and now sources say the embarrassing toss might have intentional after footage emerged of the “In Da Club” rhymer throwing perfect tosses during his warm-up.

“He did it so he would get all the press,”  one insider told the N.Y. Post. “He’s got a new album coming out, a new TV show on Starz and he wants to launch a tour.”

But a rep for Fiddy denies it was a publicity stunt: “It’s apparent in his excitement on the mound that he released the ball too early, clearly not a stunt.”

Either way, it worked.

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