Thursday, May 22, 2014

Phil Jackson prefers Brian Shaw over Derek Fisher: Report

Being spurned by Steve Kerr in the New York Knicks coaching hunt hasn't deterred Phil Jackson from kicking a few other tires on his old coaching bus. But the Zen Master may be setting himself up for another flat if he goes after Brian Shaw — the Nuggets coach who keeps insisting that he is content in Denver.

All the talk these days seems to be focused on Derek Fisher taking over the reins — although he won't comment until the Thunder season is over — and that chatter seems to be coming from the media rather than then Knicks president himself.

Now we might know why.

It seems Jackson prefers Shaw over Fisher, said a source according to the N.Y. Post.

Prying his former assistant from the Nuggets would require the Knicks to pay compensation. That appears to be a bigger roadblock to getting Shaw out of his Denver contract than Shaw’s reluctance to come to New York. It’s unclear whether Jackson has formally asked the Nuggets permission to speak to Shaw.

Jackson hasn’t given up total hope he somehow can woo Shaw from Denver, especially if the Fisher scenario falls through.

Coincidentally, the Nuggets showcased Shaw on the dais of Tuesday’s NBA Draft Lottery. And although e finished his first season in Denver without a playoff berth amid some rumblings the players weren’t thrilled with him. The Nuggets didn’t improve their lottery position and will have the 11th pick.

“I’m happy where I am,” Shaw told The Post on his way out of the lottery room Tuesday night. “I have a job here, so all the speculation that’s out there, that’s just speculation.”


  1. Regardless of who the coach is, Phil WILL be pulling the coaching strings.

  2. I agree, Phil will be pulling the strings no matter who coaches that's why he wants someone that knows his system good. He wont have to pull the strings too much because his pick already knows what he wants and what they don't know I'm sure he'll remind them.