Monday, May 12, 2014

Mitch 'Wild Thing' Williams tossed from youth baseball game for calling umpire a motherf***** (REPORT)

MLB Network analyst Mitch Williams was tossed from a youth baseball game for profanely berating an umpire in front of horrified children and parents.

The former pitcher known as Wild Thing during his days with the Philadelphia Phillies reportedly called the umpire a ‘motherf****r’ during a furious rant in front of the teams made up of 10-years-olds, said witnesses.

Multiple sources told Deadspin Williams was coaching his son’s Cal Ripken youth team Saturday during a tournament in Maryland when he went on the pre-Mother's Day tirade.

Wild Thing was said to have been griping about balls and strikes the whole game from behind first base.

His constant complaints led to several arguments on the field that eventually culminated in his profanity-laced blowout after he "shouted something to a parent in the stands about getting that umpire fired," sources told Deadspin.

Another parent in attendance said the confrontation was "a train wreck," and that Williams had to be physically separated from the unnamed umpire.

"He went nuts. He got into the umpire’s face like it was the Major Leagues."

The hot-headed Williams then refused to leave the field and caused a 10 minute delay that led to him being banned from the entirety of the tournament. The ban was reportedly lifted after it was determined that the umpire had acted unprofessionally.

Williams eventually left the field but remained behind home plate to watch the rest of the game, said another witness. There were no further incidents.

Later, he took to Twitter to defend his actions after being taunted by a fan.

"To set the record straight. I was thrown out for laughing at a call. Then the [umpire] threatened to fight me. Said pick a time and place," Williams tweeted.

"For those that think I'm making this up. It is on film... and when he threatened me [one] of my coaches came out and put his hands on him," said Williams.

Williams also swore that video would vindicate him, but that footage was nowhere to be found. Curiously, it is curiously the only game in the entire tournament not able to be viewed online.

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