Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mike Trout helps NJ high schooler land prom date

Mike Trout, the Los Angeles Angels phenom, has become one of the biggest stars in baseball — but it seems the New Jersey native hasn't forgotten his roots … or what high school proms are about. 

The MLB All-Star recently took time on Twitter to help Tim Moraski — a senior at Northern Valley Regional high-school in New Jersey — ask his girlfriend to prom.

Moraski told NJ.com that he messaged Trout on Twitter about the idea, not expecting an answer.

"But he said he would help out," Moraski said.

Emily Caracciolo -- who is actually Moraski's girlfriend -- accepted the invitation. Although Moraski admits he had previously asked Caracciolo to the prom prior to Trout stepping in, Caracciolo seemed pretty excited about being asked again.

A tweet from Trout has that effect.

"I didn't expect it to get the attention it did," said Moraski after national news networks jumped on the story.

Moraski said he has since talked to the Angels outfielder, thanking him for his assistance in snagging a prom date.

"He just said 'no problem bud'," said Moraski.

And here's the happy couple.

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