Friday, May 23, 2014

Rangers' Carcillo faces lengthy suspension after contact with linesman (VIDEO)

Down 2-0 in the Eastern Conference Finals to Rangers, the Canadiens decided to physically take it to their New York counterparts in Game 3 at Madison Square Garden and came out on top after a thrilling 3-2 overtime victory.

Adding insult to injury from Thursday night's Rangers home loss could be a potential lengthy suspension for forward Daniel Carcillo — after he made contact with linesman Scott Driscoll.

The incident took place while Rangers winger Derek Dorsett was fighting with Montreal’s Brandon Prust at 5:51 of the first period — moments after Carcillo had been called for a charging penalty. Dorsett went after Prust for a making questionable hit to the head that left Rangers center Derek Stepan hurt on the ice minutes earlier.

As Dorsett and Prust fought, instead of skating to the penalty box, Carcillo stood a few yards away watching the fight, showing no intent on joining the melee.

Driscoll skated over and put his hands on Carcillo’s midsection to move him away from the fight. That’s when Carcillo inexplicably lost his composure, angrily trying to push and even elbow Driscoll. With that, Driscoll tossed him from the game — and now possibly longer.

Aside from the game-winning goal by Montreal’s Alex Galchenyuk 1:12 into overtime, the Carcillo incident was the ugliest moment of the night for the Blueshirts.

Carcillo, who was unavailable for comment after the game, faces possible suspension depending on how the NHL interprets his offense.

And here's Rule 40:

"40.1 Game Misconduct - Any player who deliberately applies physical force in any manner against an official, in any manner attempts to injure an official, physically demeans, or deliberately applies physical force to an official solely for the purpose of getting free of such an official during or immediately following an altercation shall receive a game misconduct penalty. In addition, the following (40.2, 40.3, 40.4) disciplinary penalties shall apply."

No matter how you look at it, things don't look good for Carcillo, who can probably expect the hammer to fall on Friday.

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