Wednesday, May 21, 2014

'World Series' bullfight cancelled after all the matadors are gored: Report

For the first time in 35 years, and halfway through the the Fiesta of San Isidro, the biggest official bullfight event of the season was cancelled after three matadors were gored — one of them seriously — and no one was left to fight the usually doomed bulls.

First to lose was David Mora. Brought down by his first bull of the afternoon, he was gored in three places as he was tossed around the ring like a rag doll, according to Daily

After Mora was carried-off and rushed to the infirmary for emergency surgery, Antonio Nazare followed tradition and dispatched the bull using cape and sword.

But he did so as swiftly as possible, with none of the flair audiences expect.

Then it was Nazare's turn to fight his own first bull of the afternoon. Within minutes he followed Mora to the infirmary with a single goring.

The one remaining matador, Jimenez Fortes, stepped into the ring and killed the animal, again swiftly and without flamboyance.

Then his own first bull sent him flying through the air, catching him on its horns three times.

If you are scoring at home, Bulls 3 - Matadors 0.

With no one left to fight them, there was no alternative other than cancelling the rest of the corrida.

It was the first time that had happened during San Isidro since 1979, and only the third time in the Spanish fiesta's history.

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