Sunday, May 25, 2014

Yankees not comfortable with U.S. Cellular Field security: Report

While the White Sox get ready to honor Yankees captain Derek Jeter prior to Sunday's game at U.S. Cellular Field, behind the scenes, some Yankees have been saying they don't feel so secure visiting the Chicago stadium.

Some of the Yankees, according to a story in Newsday, claim a visit to the White Sox home field typically means that at some point there will be an uncomfortable encounter between a player (or players) and an autograph-seeking U.S. Cellular Field security member.

One such occurrence reportedly took place after Friday night's loss when, near the team bus, a uniformed Chicago Police Department officer stopped Jeter with a bunch of goods to sign.

While that was going on, a relative of a White Sox player attempted to board the Yankees' team bus to take pictures but almost immediately was booted off the bus by the driver, according to Newsday.

The Yankees have had a long-standing issue here: Some visiting team clubhouse security personnel seem to spend almost as much time inside the actual clubhouse -- often helping themselves to the players' spread of food and beverages -- as outside securing it.

Major League Baseball, as a rule, prefers clubhouse security personnel to remain outside clubhouses unless they are needed inside for a very specific reason, but that mysteriously is not the case at U.S. Cellular Field despite repeated complaints by the Yankees.

"It," said one member of the club's traveling party, "is always something here."

Petty? Maybe. But nobody likes strangers' fingers picking through their buckets of Big League Chew and free-range chicken wings.

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