Sunday, May 18, 2014

Smooth little kid charms group of lady fans with foul ball switcheroo (VIDEO)

A quick thinking little kid with Clooney-sized charm — who was handed a game ball at Globe Life Park at Arlington during the Rangers-Blue Jays game on Saturday night — already knows how to impress the ladies.

Too bad what must have seemed like the most charming gesture to a group of pretty older women sitting behind the young guy — after he takes the prized souvenir he got from Jays third-base coach Luis Rivera and gallantly hands it over to them — turned out to be a Penn and Teller sleight of hand.

Unbeknown to the women and just about everyone else, the smooth kid already had another baseball in his hand when Rivera gave him the game ball and the pint-sized David Copperfield (he was married Claudia Schiffer) actually handed the thrilled ladies the decoy in  a brilliant switcheroo.

They don't notice the slight of hand, though, because the little magician never took the gamer out of his glove.

The girls think they have a real souvenir, kid keeps the game ball and everyone's a winner.

That's called outfoxing the foxes and it'll help him navigate the world of dating one day.

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