Thursday, September 27, 2012

UFC star Chael Sonnen makes cameo in 'Always Sunny' spoof

"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" returns for its eighth season on Oct. 11, and the irreverent series — which has never followed the rules of comedy or political correctness — has decided to switch up the entire cast if you believe the commercials running on the FX network.

FX has released spoof commercials with new actors and actresses playing the arrogant "Always Sunny" characters we've come to know and shake our heads at.

One of the character changes is controversial MMA star Chael Sonnen who is playing the role of  Dennis on the behind-the-scenes commercials. The egotistical light heavyweight is a good fit for the part of the narcissistic Dennis.  Sonnen's casting might be a tie-in to the UFC which broadcasts on FX.

The other replacements are Xzibit as the new Dee, Haley Joel Osment as Mac (he even has the beard), Candace Cameron as Charlie and Andrew Dice Clay as Frank.

Expecting anything less than from television's most warped bar owners is to be expected.

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