Friday, September 28, 2012

NFL fans get apology letter from Roger Goodell

It was nice waking up this morning knowing that the NFL was back in the hands of real referees and everything in the world order was back in place.  A nice added touch from the league was when I received a letter from Roger Goodell via email apologizing for the lockout and more excuses for the inconvenience of putting  amateurs on a professional field.

That's a good start.  Now we can get back to talking about what's really important — Bountygate and Tim Tebow's Wildcat.

The NFL Commissioner's letter read in part:

"I believe in accountability, not excuses.  And I regret we were not able to secure an agreement sooner in the process and avoid the unfortunate distractions to the game.  You deserve better."

By "you" he means us.

Goodell added:

"As a lifelong fan, this wasn't an easy process for anyone involved.  I particularly want to thank commend the replacement officials for taking on an unenviable task and doing it with focus and dedication in the most adverse of circumstances."

The commish starts with how the "focus is on the players and the action on the field"and not labor negotiations and ends with him praising the returning refs.

Still, no mention of the Green Bay Packers.


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