Saturday, September 1, 2012

Theismann: Sanchez is too nice to Tebow

Former Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann made it clear he is tired of Mark Sanchez being a nice guy when it comes to Tim Tebow's presence on the New York Jets.

Theismann told WFAN yesterday that it's time for Sanchez to take a stand for himself and stop singing Kumbaya with his backup quarterback.

"This strikes at the heart of Mark Sanchez's pride," Theismann said.  "He's going to get booed.  He's going to get thrown under the bus.  And I want to see what kind of cojones he's got.  That's what I'm looking for ... I'm sick and tired of hearing this nice-guy stuff: 'Oh, Timmy's a nice guy.  Oh, Mark's a nice [guy].'"

Sanchez — the Jets incumbent starting quarterback — has tiptoed around the quarterback controversy. Even with most of the media attention focused on the the two players this summer, Sanchez has never been caught saying a bad thing about Tebow since the Jets made the trade for the "backup" quarterback in March.

Theismann said he's tired of it all and wants Sanchez to lay claim to the starting job by letting his rival know who's boss.

"Hey, if I'm Mark Sanchez, 'I'm the starting quarterback and it's great to have Tim here to help us win football games.'  That's the statement," said the Super Bowl-winning quarterback.  "That's the statement.  It's time for somebody to stand up believe in themselves if you're a Jet.

"Enough of this nicey two-shoe garbage.  Stand up for what you believe in.  You're the starting quarterback.  This guy's not.  That's the way it is.  Deal with it."

Chris Christie, another Jersey Guy, couldn't have put it better or more bluntly.

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  1. Thing of it is Theismam, some men are buddies. Nothing wrong with that. It would be nice to see these two men work together for the good of the many as is possible in any endeavour, wouldn't you agree? One could hope for a great outcome.