Saturday, September 29, 2012

WVU makes anti-couch burning PSA video

West Virginia University students have a reputation for burning couches in the street after their Mountaineers win a football game or an international despot like Osama Bin Laden is killed.

To remind the residents of Morgantown that couches are an important part of our lives, the WVU student government has put together a PSA anti-couch burning video aimed at saving more sofas from a sinister fate.

The 30-second video shows students the importance of a couch — a place where you sit,  find loose change and your lost remote — then warns viewers that burning a couch could cost you jail time, fines, expulsion and (gasp) moving back home with mom and dad.

The tongue-in-cheek spot features the Mountain Man mascot, lounging students, and one brave couch. The PSA condemns the dangerous tradition by saying:

"Burning a couch isn't cool.  Don't be stupid.  Be smart.  Celebrate with class."

The local IKEA probably isn't behind this message.

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