Friday, September 28, 2012

Falcons' DeCoud plays 'meow' game during 'Sportscenter' interview

Atlanta Falcons safety Thomas DeCoud pranked ESPN's "Sportscenter" during a live phone interview Friday afternoon.

The Falcons player couldn't resist having a little fun with his host and played the "meow" game — made famous by the 2001 film comedy "Super Troopers," while answering questions.

In the classic comedy bit, two police officers pull over a car and confuse the driver by sneaking in the word "meow" every time they mean to say "now."

In the nearly four-minute interview, DeCoud manages to slip in 14 "meows" without cracking up.

The first one can be heard at around :45 of the video.

It's not clear if the ESPN anchor was aware he was being pranked, but knowing the frat-boy humor at ESPN, I'm sure he did and just went with the flow.

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