Thursday, September 13, 2012

Two Pennsylvania high schools to re-enact game from 1983 movie 'All the Right Moves'

Two western Pennsylvania high schools — whose football teams portrayed rivals in the the 1983 Tom Cruise movie "All the Right Moves" — will play in replica uniforms of the fictionalized teams in the same stadium where the movie's climatic game was played.

On Friday, Johnstown players will wear the black-and-gold of Ampipe — the fictional team Cruise's headstrong character Stefen Djordjevic stars for.  Johnstown's rival, Westmont Hilltop, will wear the red-and-white uniforms of the film's other fictional school Walnut Heights.

Just like in the movie, as Walnut Heights was to Ampipe, Westmont is the more affluent suburb to the working-class mill town of Johnstown.  Ampipe was the place Cruise's character so desperately hoped to escape by getting a football scholarship.

Johnstown coach Tony Penna Jr. said Friday's game will be played at Johnstown's Point Stadium — about 60 miles east of Pittsburgh.  Several football players from Johnstown and Westmont played extras in the film and many of their parents appeared in the movie's game scenes.

Westmont athletic director Tom Callihan appeared in the movie as an Ampipe player.

"What great way to celebrate the movie than to play a game to honor those two teams," said Callihan.  "We've reached out to people who have been in the movie.  The players who appeared in the movie are going to show up."

It'll be great to see Shadow, Mouse and Tank 29 years later.  Hope the years have been as kind to them as they have been to "Stef" Djordjevic.

Heard he was a Scientologist or something.

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