Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Justin Tuck: 'Pin everything' on Romo

The New York Giants players know they have a devastating pass rush — a group of speedsters that sacked Tony Romo six times in their last meeting with the Dallas Cowboys — but Justin Tuck believes the key to beating the 'Boys is by making sure Romo doesn't have a running game he can use "as a crutch."

The All-Pro defensive end said the Giants need to take away the threat of Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray, put the bulk of Dallas' load on the shoulders of the Dallas signal-caller and "pin everything on him."

"Him" being their old nemesis Romo.

In order to win on Wednesday night, Tuck knows the Giants defensive line has to rattle Romo but also has to contain Murray — the running back they only faced for less than a quarter last season — after he broke his ankle eight minutes into their first meeting in Week 14.

"The biggest thing is probably stopping the run," said Tuck.  Something the Giants managed against their division rivals possibly because of Murray's inopportune ankle injury.

Murray had already rumbled to 31 yards in those eight minutes before the injury ended his breakout year — keeping the quick Cowboys running back out of their NFC East showdown in the season finale.

"He is one of these, I like to call them ping-pong backs," Tuck said Tuesday.  "He is really going to challenge our gap integrity especially on the edges, he likes to bounce things and he has the speed to get there.  He is a home run type every time he touches the ball."

The former Oklahoma back had a record-breaking college career before making a big splash with the Cowboys.  Murray rushed for a Cowboys-record 253 yards in his first start last season.  He brings a more aggressive running game to the Dallas game-plan — one the Giants have not really faced before.

The mention of Murray taking the field makes Tom Coughlin's stomach churn.

"I was close enough to the field," said the Giants head coach. " Thank you for reminding me.  I thought maybe the indigestion would go away."

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