Friday, September 28, 2012

St. John's mascot rappels down 470-foot building

St. John's mascot, Johnny the Thunderbird, might not be the coolest mascot in college sports but it is probably the ballsiest.

The big-headed bird was probably hoping its wings were functional when it rappelled down the side of the 470-foot Harborside  Financial Center Building No. 5 as part of the "Over the Edge" fundraising  initiative on Friday.

Johnny joined Rutgers head basketball coach Mike Rice  and other fundraisers help raise money for the American Cancer Society by lowering themselves down the glass structure which rises up from the Jersey City waterfront.

After the fearless Red Storm mascot got his feet firmly planted back on the ground, he tweeted about the stunt on Twitter.

You can have your Leprechaun looking for a fight, Sooners in a wagon or Trojan on a horse but when it comes flat out mascot toughness — try lowering yourself down a 50-story building wearing a giant ten-pound bird head.

The Over the Edge event helped raise over $250,000 for cancer research.


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