Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ryan Lochte dives into dating pool with Miss USA Olivia Culpo

Ryan Lochte won't get a chance to test the waters on "The Bachelor" but just might have gotten relationship gold anyway in the form of Miss USA Olivia Culpo.

The Olympic swimmer — who has been making the rounds in Manhattan during Fashion Week — may have just landed his biggest prize yet in the form of the stunning beauty pageant winner.

It might be more than just a coincidence they both like to strut around in their bathing suits and look good doing it.  Talk about a match made in reality show heaven.

"Things are still very new, because they just met, and they obviously aren't exclusive," said an insider but they "definitely like each other."

Lochte and Culpo met Wednesday night at the Four Seasons restaurant, where shoe designer Brain Atwood was hosting a party.

"Everyone was trying to get a piece of Ryan at the party, but he spent a chunk of his time talking to Olivia," said another source who said Lochte invited Culpo to his "Guys Fashion's Night Out" event last Thursday, but Culpo was already booked, so they reunited at the Sherri Hill show Friday.

At that gathering, Lochte posed for pictures with Culpo and the Miss Universe organizer Donald Trump. It sounds like The Donald approves of the pairing.

"He's got a lot of medals like you," he told Culpo —the former Miss Rhode Island.

According to what Lochte told The New York Daily News, the 20-year old Culpo is exactly his type.

"For the past four years, my face has been down staring at a pool," said the 28-year old Lochte.  "She's definitely got to be pretty ... she has to hold her own.  I don't want her to always have to be coming to me for everything.  I want her to be really independent."

Jeah.  And she has to be smoking hot too.

A spokeswoman for Lochte threw some cold water on the relationship.

"It's too early to say they're dating," she said.  "They get along well and they've been to a couple of events, but to my knowledge, they're not dating."

Culpo isn't denying anything though.

"We just met last week, so I can't say anything for that, but he's a good guy," she said Monday night at the Eric Trump Foundation Golf Invitational.

Did I mention they are both comfortable walking around in bathing suits?

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