Thursday, September 20, 2012

Antrel Rolle and Greg Olsen take out sideline cameramen together

There was a scary moment towards the end of the New York Giants-Carolina Panthers game when Cam Newton's pass sailed over tight end Greg Olsen's head while he was being chased down by defensive back Antrel Rolle.

Both players rumbled into the sidelines taking down a couple of cameramen, respectively.

Rolle tried jumping over a  photographer on the ground and caught his left knee on the camera right before he grabbed a woman and inadvertently pulled her down with him.

Olsen just plowed into an NFL Network cameraman who went flying but gave us an incredibly realistic close up  shot of what it's like to be taken out by a 250-pound tight end.


Rolle lacerated his knee and had to be carted off the field for x-rays.  The cameraman who took the charge finished the game.

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