Friday, September 28, 2012

Vick warns Giants defense: 'I can switch it up'

Michael Vick may have 32-year old legs and his coaches are telling him to resist scampering down the field at the first white of a defensive lineman's eyes. But that doesn't mean the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback still can't run.

The Eagles' scrambler has a warning for anyone who thinks his best days as an athlete are behind him and he can't make a big play with his legs.

"Any time, I can switch it up," Vick told the New York Daily News on Thursday.  "I can put on them light shoes and run around still. And you never know when.  It could be this week."

Those words sound like they are directed straight at the vaunted defensive ends of the New York Giants — who take a ride down the Turnpike into Lincoln Financial Field this Sunday night.

It's curious that Vick — a quarterback who's been sacked nine times and endured 27 QB hits — would tempt fate by running with the ball.

The 10-year veteran insists he can still take a pounding.

"I take care of my body," he said.  "I'm careful what I put into it.  The hits don't hurt any more than they used to."

Vick might be in for more than a pounding from the Giants front line.  Jason Pierre-Paul, Osi Umenyiora and Justin Tuck will go full force at their familiar No. 7 target that is protected by an offensive line that will start backup left tackle Demetress Bell and second string center Dallas Reynolds.

The Giants can almost taste blood already.

Vick says he is hardly concerned that he is on pace to throw 32 interceptions, fumble 11 times and get sacked nearly 50 times.  This is a game that could set the tone in the NFC East early in the season.

"We have the same record as the team we're going against," he said.  "We're playing for the division."

Vick should do the math.  Ten years as a scrambling NFL quarterback is like 70 as a pocket passer.

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