Friday, September 28, 2012

Tiger Woods drills Ryder Cup fan in head

Tiger Woods got a favorable 40-yard bounce off the head of a fan during the morning matches on the opening day of the 2012 Ryder Cup at Medinah Country Club.

The unlucky young man was hit on his head while watching Woods drive on the seventh hole during the golfer's morning foursome Friday morning.

Woods was steered to the dazed fan by his caddie, Joe Lacava.  The fan, who was bleeding from a cut on his head, sat on the ground while Woods offered words of encouragement.  He lost a brewski, along with the blood from the stray drive, but managed to continue watching from the gallery with a towel on his head.

Woods was appreciative of the fan's involuntary assist and gave the wounded spectator a customary signed glove for his headache.

Woods and his partner Steve Stricker won the 7th hole with a birdie, but lost their foursome match 2-and-1 to Team Europe's pairing of Ian Pouter and Justin Rose.

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  1. A signed glove?!!! How about one of hundreds of drivers that you never cheap SOB! Try getting hit on the head yourself. Oh that's got hit with a 9 iron from the ex. My bad. So I guess you think that everyone should expect to get hit in the head after watching your hack slice. Richest loser that ever disgraced the game. Do us all a favor and just roll up and go home.