Saturday, August 1, 2015

Frenzied Odell Beckham Jr. fans trample woman having a seizure: Report

It seems nothing involving Odell Beckham Jr. can go off without some sort of commotion.

And sometimes it's not a good thing.

On Friday, the first day of Giants training camp, the star receiver held an autograph signing for fans following practice. And it created a few moments of chaos and ugliness during the 45-minute signing period while Beckham made his way through a long alley packed with fans at what appeared to be the most attended open training camp practice since the team moved to their New Jersey complex from Albany.

Even before Beckham arrived, Giants staffers were instructing the crowd to be wary of kids along the fence. "Don't squish 'em!'' one yelled. "We're all Giants fans here. We have to take care of each other.''

And during the chaos among those clamoring for a piece of No. 13, children, the disabled and even a woman having a seizure got trampled by the crowd.
In a release Friday night, the club admitted that the portable bleachers set up for the training camp crowd were overwhelmed by the crowd and "shifted."

There were no injuries, the club said, but the issue has led to a change in autograph policies. They also said it moved all autograph sessions to away from the bleachers and into the Kids' Zone area of camp. The team has also barred adults from seeking autographs in the post-practice sessions.

OBJ Fever... catch it. Or get caught up in it.

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