Thursday, June 11, 2015

Torii Hunter flips out, tears off jersey in epic tirade (VIDEO)

If Torii Hunter seemed just a tad pissed off after the home plate umpire made a questionable strike three call Wednesday night at Target Field well .... yes he was.

Unhappy with Mark Ripperger's eighth inning call, the Twins outfielder got so mad he started peeling off his uniform. And like an angry pole dancer on a slow matinee, Hunter started his striptease by yanking off his shin guard, then his batting gloves before tearing off his jersey and flinging it at the plate.

Not sexy, but very theatrical.

It was the ninth career ejection for Hunter.

"I thought it was a ball. The pitch before that I thought it was a little up and he called it a strike," Hunter said. "That's fine, but I thought the last pitch he called a strike was revenge because I said something the pitch before."

Twins manager Paul Molitor went out to try to restrain Hunter before he was ejected too.

"I just told [Ripperger] that he had a bad night, or what I thought wasn't a very good night and he told me he had a really good night," Molitor said.

And after Hunter hit the showers, it all came down to the bat boy picking up the dirty laundry.

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