Friday, June 19, 2015

Anthony Rizzo swipes bag of peanuts from kid in stands (VIDEO)

Kids, the next time time you see Anthony Rizzo chasing down a ball on the first-baseline, hide your peanuts.

On Thursday night in Cleveland, Rizzo and a teammate Chris Denorfia both chased down a foul and, while a group of young fans were distracted by Denorfia's generous offer of the wayward ball, Rizzo swiped a bag of peanuts from an unsuspecting kid.

A dastardly scheme planned by the two Cubs? Who knows? But before you scream Ratso Rizzo, the lefty had a change of heart and handed it back.

It's anyone's guess what Rizzo was thinking but a good guess is he was emulating another first-baseman who liked to lift a free snack from the fans — namely Don Mattingly.

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