Thursday, June 25, 2015

U.S. Women's World Cup team told to quit whining and just play

It seems like all of the non-stop drama and excuses surrounding the U.S. Women's National Team is wearing thin in Canada. As the Americans get set to face China in a World Cup match on Friday night, those connected to the tournament are gritting their teeth every time Team USA opens its mouth.

Organizers and analysts are reportedly growing tired of the U.S. complaints about the artificial turf, conspiracy theories regarding referees, and the Americans' long list of alibis for their overall lackluster play. Not to mention the Hope Solo situation.

"It is just getting tiresome around this U.S. team at the moment," Kristian Jack, soccer analyst for Canada's tournament broadcaster, TSN, told USA TODAY Sports. "There's far too many stories around this team. We've had the turf, we've had Hope Solo, we've had [Abby] Wambach moaning that she can't score a goal because it wasn't on grass. They are not playing that well. That should be the story."

Even Alexi Lalas, the former men's national team star and Fox analyst, is getting tired of the women's complaints.

"There is no conspiracy theory against you or the U.S. team," he said in a telecast while talking to Team USA. "As a matter of fact, stop trying to make the U.S. into this poor little U.S. team that everybody is against — the downtrodden United States women's soccer team.

"You are a superpower, you are one of the best teams, if not the best team in the world. Act as such."

Not surprisingly, all of this whining has much the rest of the world rooting against the Americans.

"Boy, the American team sure talks a lot," Gilles Blondeau, a member of an Ottawa fans group, told USA TODAY. "You don't hear Canada talking like that. ... People up here don't appreciate that kind of thing too much. You're winning. Stop complaining."

While we're at it, can they get the rah-rah American TV announcers to stop turning every call against the U.S. into Watergate.

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