Friday, June 12, 2015

Hope Solo's history of violence goes back to high school: Report

It appears that Hope Solo's pattern of violence off the pitch started back when the U.S. soccer team's star goalkeeper was still in high school. 

Documents uncovered by TMZ Sports claim that when the troubled Solo was a senior at Richland High School in Washington state when she harassed and bullied another student so badly she was hit with a restraining order. Solo was required to stay 300 feet away from the student at all times.

The documents quotes the student saying:
"(Solo) punched me in the cheek. Then she said, 'I f---ing hate you, you fat a-- whore!' and punched me two more times. Once in the eye and once in the mouth."
According to the gossip site, documents filed in 1998, Solo was hit with a restraining order and was required to keep away from the student at all times.

The 17-year-old incident comes to light after a string of violent behavioral incidents for Solo. Last year, she was arrested on domestic violence charges — where she was allegedy drunk, called a police officer a 'b----' and said to the cop that if she weren't in handcuffs, "I'd kick your ass."

Solo was a passenger in the car at the time of his arrest. She was given a short suspension by the U.S. soccer team after the incident.

The athletic, 5-9, 150-pound goalkeeper will be on the field Friday in Winnipeg when the U.S. soccer team plays its second game of the 2015 Women's World Cup.

Critics claim the U.S. team swept Solo's abusive behavior under the rug long enough to get her into the World Cup because she is too important to the squad and its take-no-prisoners — just use them —quest for the title. And despite her apparent penchant for violence, they still promote the alleged domestic abuser in their commercials during the most prestigious and visible women's soccer tournament in the world.

If that doesn't scream double-standard for women who commit the same crimes as men — what does?

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