Monday, June 29, 2015

Madison Square Garden goes totally vegan for Morrissey concert

Morrissey has long been an acquired taste for the casual fan and, if you were looking to sate your carnivorous taste buds at the refreshment stands during his concert at Madison Square Garden Saturday night, well ... you were out of luck.

The maudlin British singer headlined the stage and, at the performer’s stipulation, no meat was to be served inside. Morrissey, a staunch animal-rights activist, made the demand or he would cancel the show.

It was the first time the Garden's history that the arena went totally vegetarian at a performer's request.

But the ex-Smiths frontman has some of the most fervent followers in music and, even with the banning of hot dogs, chicken fingers and the like, the Moz fanatics filled the seats.

Morrissey had made the same no-meat requirement of other venues and has, on occasion, canceled shows if his request wasn’t met.

And since the fickle Morrissey regularly cancels shows (and whole tours) at a whim, munching on carrots and kale — not to mention his political crudities — seems a small price for meat-eaters to pay and see one of his transfixing live shows.

And with the still tasty Debbie Harry opening, at Morrissey's request, who needed any more MSG at MSG?

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