Thursday, June 11, 2015

Coyotes fan destroys Glendale mayor at city council meeting (VIDEO)

The city of Glendale, Arizona, and the Arizona Coyotes are currently building up towards a legal battle and if the pro-NHL faction has just an ounce of the spunk one fan has, they may be a force to reckon with.

Ronda Pearson, a Coyotes season ticket owner, took the floor wearing a team jersey at a special city council meeting in Glendale Wednesday and ripped the mayor and his council over his selective support of the team.

Standing before the city council and a group of Coyotes fans, Pearson went off on Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers, ripping him for everything from accepting team freebies to driving the Super Bowl out of town.

Pearson not only said what a lot of fans would like to tell city bigwigs, she emphasized it with a walk-off fist-pump.

The issue at hand is the team's arena lease—a $225 million, 15-year agreement between the town and the NHL franchise brokered back in 2013.

But, despite Pearson's passionate dressing down, the council went ahead and voted five to two to dissolve its contract with the Coyotes. According to ESPN, the team is already putting together a $200 million lawsuit against the city in response.

"We've all taken a beating tonight here, and I think it's all unjust because most of the fans don't understand the complexity of this issue," Weiers said afterwards. "The complexity of this issue is the fact that you don't have all the information. When you have more information, I think you will have a better understanding."

Just wondering if the taxpayers understand what a $200 million lawsuit means.

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