Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Cubs fan holding baby interferes with foul ball at Wrigley Field (VIDEO)

Haven't fans at Wrigley Field learned anything about interfering with a player while the ball is still in play?

First there was the infamous Steve Bartman incident which added another year to the Cubbies' World Series drought a few years back — but at least he wasn't holding a baby.

During Tuesday night’s game against the Dodgers, not only did a fan pull a Bartman and interfere with a foul ball, but he did it while dangling a toddler sucking on a bottle in his other arm.

Watch as Cubs pitcher Jason Hammel pops a ball into foul territory behind first base and the fan reaches over the wall and snags the ball away from Dodgers first baseman Adrian Gonzalez.

The fan clearly interfered with the play but did not mind dangling his infant child from his arm as he held up his trophy.

But while the Wrigley Field crowd applauded the man for his impressive one-handed grab, and for stealing an out from the Dodgers and keeping the at-bat alive, the umpires reviewed the play and called Hammel out because of the bad daddy's interference.

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