Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Softball catcher levels pair of baserunners with elbow ...and gets away with it (VIDEO)

There are mean girls in high school and then there are some who seem just downright nasty.

During Saturday's Texas 4A championship game between Needville High School and Huffman Hargrave High School, it appears that the Needville catcher intentionally knocked down not just one baserunner at the plate with a well placed elbow, she did it again and got away with it both times!

In each case, the ball was hit well into the outfield and it appears there is no play at the plate. But the prickly backstop saw fit to stand her ground and take out both girls anyway.

The first time, the Falcons runner just walked away from the situation. When it happened again though, the Hargrave player appeared to have some words with the catcher.

"I think it fired them up to score some more runs, win the game and come out as champions," said Huffman ISD Athletic Director Mike McEachern about the dirty plays. 

Hargrave won the game 6-4.

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