Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mets send fans 'loyalty letter' to boost attendance

Even when things are going pretty well for the New York Mets, the organization finds a way to blame someone else for their internal problems and muck up the good time feel.

Now, the Mets have interpreted the low attendance at Citi Field as a fan problem — not the five straight losing seasons — and this is what they are asking of them: a loyalty oath.

With the youthful, exciting Mets playing well 26 games into the season, the brass found a way to throw cold water on the early success by questioning the fans' allegiance to the team and using former stars from '69 and '86 to guilt them into coming to Citi Field with a pledge.

Over the last two days, the Mets have blasted letters to hundreds of thousands of people, over the signatures of some of the team’s greatest stars.

The passive-aggressive “To True New Yorkers” starts the letter signed and sent by Keith Hernandez, Ron Darling, Cleon Jones, Ed Charles, Jerry Koosman, and Doc Gooden:

Here's a quote that really lays the guilt on the long-suffering fans:

“As players, we can tell you that what happens in the clubhouse and what happens in the stands — players and fans together, believing in each other — makes a tremendous difference with what happens on the field.”

In other words: We’re finally winning but the stadium is still empty.

Attendance has dwindled every year since 2009, when the new ballpark maxed out season seating at around 3.4 million. 

The Mets still drew over 2.1 million people to Citi Field in 2013, to watch a team that didn’t spend a day in first place after April 4, didn’t spend a day over .500 after April 24, was never closer than 10 games out in the NL East after June 1.

Sounds like Mets fans are sending their own Dear John message.


  1. The Mets have been my team since the 60's, and the problem they are having starts with the management. This team needs a shake up. They are getting these vets who were on top of there games. When they are on the decline, they know that the Mets will take them. The batting coach, has the deer in the headlights look. The team is predictable, every pitcher knows what they are going to do. All this watching strikes, is killing them. How long does it takes to see a pitcher in trouble. You want to draw a crowd, do something. I know the teams want to build up the farm club, but don't kill the team. This is getting old, it's time for a shake-up. Your Fans deserve it.

  2. When the wilpons sell and the new owner cleans house, the fans will return.

  3. Want excitement? Stay home and watch playoff hockey.

  4. As long the owner still own the team I wouldn't spend my money to see them play

  5. How come None of the wimpy Wipons had enough nerve to put their name on it . I See two of the names are Employees I wonder how muc the others were paid

  6. What a bunch of garbage from the writer of this article and comments. So sick and tired of hearing its the Wilpons fault, its Alderson etc..cry whine cry whine now for what 5 years ! Support your team and just shut up. Sick of the whining.