Saturday, May 10, 2014

Derek Jeter warns fan who ran onto field to give him a hug (VIDEO)

A  Milwaukee Brewers fan who had his own idea of a farewell gift for Derek Jeter stormed the field Friday night, running up to the Yankees shortstop in the sixth inning with an unusual request.

“He was saying he wanted a hug,” Jeter said. “I was thinking I wasn’t going to hug him. That was pretty much it.”

While the fan, who was wearing a Ryan Braun jersey, khaki shorts and a white headband, pleaded for his hug , Jeter told him he was about to regret his decision.

“I told him, ‘You’re going to get in trouble,’ ” Jeter said. “And then he repeated that he wanted a hug, and I said, ‘Look out.’ ”

Right then, two Miller Park security guards ran and tackled the intruder, taking him out with a hit that could make a Clay Matthews highlight reel.

 “I sort of stepped back because I saw them going to get him; they got out there quick,” said Jeter, who insisted he wasn’t afraid during the incident. “If you saw his face, it wasn’t like he was coming out there angry. So no, it wasn’t scary.”

“I was like, ‘Derek, move,’ ” Joe Girardi said. “Derek just kind of stood there. Obviously he didn’t feel threatened, but it’s not what you want because you never know what people are up to. It happens and it’s an unfortunate part of the game, but I thought the Brewers handled it well and got him out quickly.”

Something tells me Jeets will remember this moment more than the paddleboard freebie he got from the Angels.

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