Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Derek Jeter loses home run bet with Brian Roberts while in the bathroom

Before Brian Roberts blasted the go-ahead home run in Tuesday's 4-3 win over the Angels, the second baseman had a little wager with Yankees captain Derek Jeter.

"Me and (Jeter) were joking in (batting practice) today, who was going to be the last one to hit a homer?" Roberts said. "So I'm glad to put the pressure on him now."

Jeter didn’t see Roberts’ clutch homer because he was actually relieving a little pressure and was in the dugout bathroom when it was hit.

"I missed it, I heard the crowd," Jeter said of the game that for the second straight night filled Angels Stadium with Yankees fans. "I heard, 'ahhhh.' Then I heard cheers and then our dugout. The dugout gave it away."

Entering Tuesday, neither Roberts nor Jeter had sent a ball over the fence. It took Roberts until at-bat No. 105 to get a dinger. Jeter hasn't hit one in 102 AB's.

Roberts didn't say whether the pair had put anything on the line with the bet.

And, just in case you were curious, Roberts now has as many home runs as the replacement for former Yankee Robinson Cano, who took $240 million over 10 years to leave New York.

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