Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fiery Red Sox fans call Jacoby Ellsbury a 'trader' on Twitter

Red Sox fans are fired up upon hearing the shocking news that Jacoby Ellsbury is becoming a New York Yankee — and have put their money where their tweets are.

While some angry Red Sox fans spent Tuesday on Twitter calling Jacoby Ellsbury a "trader" — and not a "traitor" — for agreeing to a seven-year, $153-million, others were threatening to turn into pyromaniacs.

Dozens upon dozens of people said they wanted to burn their Ellsbury jerseys — many saying that he broke their hearts for deciding to don pinstripes, especially after winning a 2013 World Series with them.

Ellsbury's first trip back to Fenway Park next season should be a hot ticket.


  1. Get a life Boston fans. You dont own him and he doesn't owe you anything. He even contributed to help you win a championship. Yes, some athletes actually choose to play in cities other than Boston. Get over it.

  2. Be thankful Sox fans. We aren't the ones who overpaid for an averagely inconsistent role player made of paper mache. Lot of money to pay a dude who'll likely spend it on the DL. Better them than us.

  3. Remember Sparky Lyle Wade Boggs, Johnny Damon And now Ellsbury All greed Mungers and the Yankees STILL SUCK

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