Thursday, December 19, 2013

Andrea Bargnani almost blows game with boneheaded shot (VIDEO)

Whether it's Italian or English, finding words to describe Andrea Bargnani's boneheaded overtime heave for the Knicks during Wednesday's game against the Bucks won't be necessary.

The reaction from the Knicks bench says it all — in any language.

The Knicks were up two in overtime, with only eleven seconds remaining, and they had the game in hand. Simply hold onto the ball, get fouled, make a couple free throws and go home happy.

Remember. These are the Knicks.

So Bargnani gets the pass and, from behind the arc, fires up a dumb shot that clanks off the rim. Milwaukee rebounded the ball and scored just as the extra period ended. 

How do you say bonehead in Italian? Osso testa?

Luckily for the Knicks, the team outlasted the Bucks, 107-101, in two OTs. 

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