Thursday, December 19, 2013

Danica Patrick like you've never seen her before (VIDEO)

Fans of Danica Patrick were no doubt shocked to see her drastic new appearance while filming a television commercial for Go Daddy on Wednesday. The NASCAR driver was spotted looking incredibly muscular while filming the spot at a Los Angeles location.

But Patrick didn’t magically buff up overnight.  She was actually sporting a rather realistic muscle suit while running alongside a host of shirtless muscle-bound men as the cameras rolled.

Along with the muscle suit – which had more bulging veins than a Stallone double-feature – the pretty brunette wore a black sports bra, tiny lime green shorts and mullet-style hairdo.

Patrick is starring in the commercial for Internet domain company Go Daddy, which will air during one of the highly coveted and expensive ad spots during February 2014’s Super Bowl.

The 31-year-old Patrick has been featured in sexy Go Daddy Super Bowl commercials for several years but said she would be turning down the heat factor in the new spots.

It looks like she traded the lace for latex.

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