Friday, December 13, 2013

Deron Williams crosses Chris Paul ... twice (VIDEO)

For the past couple of seasons Deron Williams has let Chris Paul carry the title of "best point guard in the game" without any question. These two used to have a rivalry and on Thursday at Barclays Center, D-Will rekindled the conversation.

Williams began the night badly by falling to the floor after being victimized by a crossover from Paul. The fact that he stepped on the foot of teammate Brook Lopez was what ultimately caused him to tumble, but Paul’s action at least sent Williams plopping to the floor.

But in the second quarter, Williams seemed to regain his stride, crossing up Paul twice to get open for scores. Williams owned the end of the second quarter when the Nets took control of the game, putting up 12 points in less than 6 minutes.

Williams' overall numbers weren't that impressive — 15 points and 4 assists — but he put Paul  and the rest of the league on alert by leading the Nets to an easy win.

And for at least one night the debate raged on.

To be fair, here's CP3's move on D-Will.

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