Saturday, December 14, 2013

Khloe Kardashian rebounding from Lamar Odom with Matt Kemp: Report

It didn't take long for Khloe Kardashian to rebound from her troubled marriage to Lamar Odom and find some new pro-sports chum to feed her reality show.

The 29-year-old reality star is apparently in the early stages of a new relationship with Los Angeles Dodgers star Matt Kemp, according to RadarOnline.

The pair were spotted on Friday going to the gym, with Kemp driving his car and Kardashian following in her own white SUV.

Matt drove at a steady, slow pace, perhaps so Kardashian wouldn't be left behind at a stop light. Kardashian kept her eyes hidden behind large-frame sunglasses and just seemed to focus on the road ahead.

A short while later, she pulled into the gym parking lot and walked to the entrance separately while covering her face with her camouflage backpack and her beige designer handbag.

Awww... courtship Beverly Hills style.

Kardashian's  romance with Rihanna's ex has reportedly been in swing for some time though, according to Radar.

Kemp had been in a sort of career slump of late but now we're talking about going from All-Star girlfriend to batting below the Mendoza Line.

Kardashian and Kemp both attended the John Legend show at LA's Nokia Theatre in December. And then on Monday, they were both at Jay Z's concert in LA, which Radar claims that Odom also attended separately but the out-of-work NBA star didn't speak to his estranged wife.

The news of the romance comes on the same day — Friday — that Kardashian filed for divorce from Odom in Los Angeles Superior Court, citing irreconcilable differences.

Kardashian, who has retained power attorney Laura Wasser, doesn't want spousal support and requests that Lamar not be granted it either.

The couple, who were married on September 27, 2009, have an 'ironclad' prenup that should make division of assets fairly easy.


  1. Kemp is an idiot. The Dodgers made a monumental mistake giving him the money that they did. Another Colletti disaster.

  2. Matt run away from this gold digging wench as fast as you can still run.Only cares about spending your big money contract.Your mom raised you to be a good person and not hooking up with skanks was part of your families morals

  3. Matt Kemp is doomed. The Dodgers better trade his @s$ ASAP if they want to be relevant before the Kardashian clan comes in and ruins their chemistry. Just some advice, hopefully Magic is reading these posts...