Wednesday, December 18, 2013

'First Male vs. Female Fight in MMA History' set for Dec. 20

Shooto Brazil is under fire for promoting an upcoming mixed gender MMA fight featuring Emerson Falcao taking on Juliana Velasquez in a bantamweight contest at Shooto 45.

The pair will square off in the controversial mixed martial arts bout Dec. 20 in which the promoters are billing as the "First Male vs. Female Fight in MMA History," reports Bleacher Report.

Shooto President Andre Pederneiras has yet to explain whether any special rules will be in place for the contest and the promoters have been busy hyping it as a professional MMA fight via Twitter and Facebook before the ground rules are made public.

Falcao trains at Nova Uniao under Pederneiras along with UFC champions Jose Aldo and Renan Barao. The Brazilian fighter has a 0-1 professional record. In April, he made his professional debut at Upper Sport Combat 2, where he was submitted in the first round by Benny Black.

Judoka-style fighter Velasquez will be making her professional MMA debut.

No matter what the outcome of the fight — public opinion probably won't let Falcao be called a winner — although his trainer was the man behind the shameful proposal when Velasquez accepted the equal rights challenge:

Andre Pederneiras came up with the idea, Velasquez said in an interview with He asked Team Nogueira for a female fighter and my team believes I’m ready, so I accepted the challenge. My expectations are the best. I’m well trained to get there and win.

I’m used to training with man every day. I’m a professional judoka and I know the adrenaline of the competition, I know how to handle this.

Shooto is dead set on making MMA history and may accept whatever criticism that comes its way but, if the regular MMA rules aren't tweaked for this bout, the consequences could be disastrous for the sport.

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