Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dad trains goalkeeper son with soccer balls fired from cannon (VIDEO)

Cannons and soccer are always a bad combination except when it comes to training your kids to defend your net the good old American way.

This father used a Revolutionary War-style mortar and a call to arms in order help train his son in the art of goalkeeping.

If the Red Coats — or at least the squad from Man U — ever try to invade our shores, this is one father/son team who'll be ready.


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  1. The Soccer ball was at about normal playing speed, good job stopping that one. BUTT the 2nd ball was coming in so fast, I don't even think the kid saw it, just heard it....and then if he would have gotten in the way of the 3rd one, it was right at about shoulder height, it would have taken his head slap off !!! too funny.