Monday, December 9, 2013

Tom Coughlin: Giants need to regain 'respectability we lost'

The San Diego Chargers came out with guns blazing and, before the final boom went off, the New York Giants playoff hopes were a foregone conclusion at Qualcomm Stadium Sunday.

Asked to assess his team’s future going into the last three games, head coach Tom Coughlin said the Giants must play “to regain some of the respectability we lost today.”

Coughlin's powerful post-game remarks summed up the disappointment and what was lost after the 37-14 manhandling:

"I just told the team and anybody in listening distance that the major disappointment here today is to have a chance to get into a game where both teams were 5-7 and have a chance to win a ballgame and try to regain some respectability," Coughlin said. "We had played pretty well five or six weeks in a row and then we came here today and the first half was just a very, very poor performance. ... The first half was a major disappointment. ... Very, very disappointing loss for us.

"We have a three-game schedule to go. We have three games to work as hard as we can, prepare as hard as we can, and see if we can regain some of the respectability we lost today."

The Giants boarded their 3,000-mile flight home knowing their playoff dreams were over — and with three games left to play.

To Coughlin, the job still wasn't done.

“It’s our responsibility to finish,” he said.

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