Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Aaron Hernandez draws naked woman, says jail life is 'not that bad' in letter

Aaron Hernandez's pen pals are at it once again.

Another one of the locked-up former Patriots tight end’s letters has surfaced — despite a note pleading with the recipient to keep his correspondence private — wherein the accused murder says he’s living a stress-free life inside the Bristol County House of Corrections. An earlier jailhouse letter was reportedly sold by a memorabilia shop for $18,000.

“I’m way less stressed in jail than when I was out of jail,” Hernandez writes in the two-page letter, obtained by TMZ. “I’m just anxious to go to trial to see what’s up and prove my innocence.”

Hernandez is awaiting trial in the slaying of 27-year-old Odin Lloyd, an acquaintance whose body was found a mile from Hernandez’s home in June. Hernandez, 24, pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder and weapons charges in September.

“It’s crazy I’m in the situation but I’m innocent and will be proven in court, without a doubt! The media is the media, mostly bulls---, rarely factual,” Hernandez wrote in blue ink on a yellow legal pad.

In the letter, dated Nov. 17, 2013, Hernandez claims that a corrections officer “hasn’t seen me in a bad mood yet and I really enjoy my days. It’s not that bad, honestly.

“I’m just hoping I am out within these next few years, to get a chance to ball again.”

In the letter, Hernandez admits that he “could have made better choices with my selected few (friends) but it’s life, you live and learn!”

Hernandez ended the letter by praising its recipient for his success and drew an outline of a nude woman and wrote “Dats a bad b---!!!” next to it with a smiley face.

The Patriots released Hernandez on June 26 — after he had been arrested but before he was charged — and voided a big chunk of the guaranteed money in the seven-year, $39 million contract he signed before the start of the 2012 season.

Hernandez has also been identified by a witness as the shooter in a separate homicide.

Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson told Boston’s FOX25 that he couldn’t confirm if the letter came from Hernandez without seeing the envelope it was mailed in, but told the TV station that it was similar to other letters Hernandez had written from jail. As for Hernandez’s claim that life in the big house is stress-free, Hodgson said it’s not impossible for inmates to feel that way while locked up.

“If you’re strong-willed and you have a strong mind you could, potentially, compartmentalize your incarceration in a way that it has a minimal effect on you,” Hodgson said, adding that inmates spend roughly three hours outside of their cell each day.

Hernandez wrote that he’s spending his time reading — he claims to have read 25 books since he’s been in jail — and is “using this time to become strong, wiser and trying to come out, when I come home, way more intelligent, which I will.”

The art lessons can wait.

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