Monday, December 9, 2013

'ShEli Manning' head a giant hit with Chargers fans (PHOTO)

Chargers fans had a little fun with Giants quarterback Eli Manning on Sunday afternoon in San Diego. Actually, make that ShEli Manning, as the Chargers faithful have dubbed him/her.

Fans boringly serenaded Eli, the quarterback who refused to play for the Chargers, with boos and constant chants of “Eli Sucks” during his first visit to San Diego since 2005.

But ShEli Manning? Now that's original.

The giant cutout distraction in the end zone during Sunday’s game might have worked. The Giants lost 37-14 and Manning threw a couple of interceptions.

All that makeup still couldn't hide the Giants' ugly season.

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  1. the shirt of "sheli" is pretty epic too!