Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dutch prostitutes want same retirement benefits as pro soccer players: Report

One prefers goalie nets while the other fancies fishnets but they both get paid to score — so now Dutch prostitutes want the same retirement tax benefits as professional soccer players.

The red light ladies claim both gigs are hard “physical jobs” that call for workers to retire early after their physical skills have diminished, the Dutch paper Volkskrant reports.

“Footballers and prostitutes both do a difficult physical job that they cannot do their whole life. Therefore, they would like to be able to save as much as they can,” said Wil Post, a lawyer for Freya, a company planning to open brothels in Utrecht.

He wants Dutch authorities to cough up roughly $7,000 a month in a tax-free pension plan — the same amount soccer players get.

“Men prefer young women: there always comes an age when prostitutes no longer get any work,” he told AFP.

“It can take a prostitute more than 10 years to stop working because she’s trapped, as she can’t save money.”

Prostitution has been legal and regulated in the Netherlands since 2000. Hookers score perks like health care, unemployment benefits and an annual salary — which is generally low.

Dutch authorities declined to comment.


  1. If it's legal and prostitutes contribute monies to the Gov't then they should be entitled to the same benefits as anyone else.

    1. "Anyone else" doesn't get $7,000 per month, though.

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