Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Paul Pierce gets flagrant-two foul and ejection for clothesline of George Hill (VIDEO)

Late in the third quarter and with the Nets trailing by 19 points to the Pacers at Barclays Center, Paul Pierce took out his frustration with a cheap foul on George Hill.

As Hill raced toward the other end for what appeared to be an easy fast break score, Pierce chased him down to give a no-layup type of foul, but since he caught Hill in the head and then followed through by taking him down around the neck, the officials ruled it a flagrant-two, which comes with it an automatic ejection.

Pierce—who was already 0-for-7 from the field — might have been trying to send a message to Hill, but only showed his 36-year-old legs can't keep up with the young Pacers anymore.

It was more Get off my lawn! than Not in my house!

Hill managed to keep control of the ball and, more surprisingly, kept his cool after the unnecessary foul.

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