Friday, May 3, 2013

Mark Sanchez starts Twitter craze with buzz-worthy headband

Mark Sanchez faced the media Thursday, for the first time since the New York Jets drafted Geno Smith and dumped Tim Tebow, and got almost as many questions about his head gear as he did for the Jets' head games.

Looking head-wise more fashion ready for a Jane Fonda workout  — all that was  missing was the green leggings — than a  Jets scrimmage, Sanchez said "no doubt" when asked if he would be the starter when the five-way quarterback battle is settled.

Sanchez,  with his longer hair slicked back and sporting the buzz-worthy green headband set high back on his scalp, then answered questions about his new look.

"It’s my inner soccer player deal," Sanchez said when asked about the big rubber band around his head.

The headband drew a lot of attention on Twitter and the internet minutes after photos of the look began circulating. Even though Sanchez has been sporting the look for a while.

When Sanchez reported to work three weeks ago and was photographed he had the headband on. There was even a Twitter account called “@sanchezheadband” which already has 175 followers.

And the hair? What's up with that?

 "My hair's getting long," Sanchez said of long locks.  "I'm going to donate it at some point."

That'll make some good headlines.

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