Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mike Woodson pulls out of regular radio spot, ESPN host blames Knicks brass for muzzling coach

A previously scheduled, heavily-promoted radio appearance by Mike Woodson on ESPN-98.7 was abruptly cancelled when an industry source said the New York Knicks head coach called co-host Stephen A. Smith before the show and said he would not be appearing on the afternoon broadcast.

On Wednesday morning, the day after the Knicks lost 93-82 to the Indiana Pacers and fell behind 3-1 in the NBA second-round playoff series, Woodson pulled out of his regular radio segment.  Smith put the blame squarely on the higher-ups with the Knicks organization, according to The New York Daily News.

“Mike Woodson was supposed to be coming on, ladies and gentlemen. We didn’t lie to you. The New York Knicks organization backed out,” Smith said at the beginning of Wednesday’s show. “The coach didn’t back out because Mike Woodson wouldn’t do that — no matter what he says.”

An industry source said Woodson called Smith prior to the show and told him he would not be making his scheduled appearance. The station had promoted the Woodson segment during its morning programming.

“The New York Knicks (organization) pulled him, so be it,” Smith said on the air. “I don’t need to talk to Mike Woodson today. As much as the Knicks stunk out the joint last night, what the hell is there to say?”

Throughout the season, Woodson has been candid while discussing his team with Smith and his partner Ryan Ruocco. During his last appearance, the coach made news when he revealed he would consider benching J.R. Smith.

“I don’t blame them for wanting Mike Woodson to be quiet,” Smith said. “Good move by the Knicks organization — for a change.”

The Knicks have self-destructed in the series and are creeping towards elimination.  They were out-rebounded 54-36 even after the team went bigger on Tuesday night. They must win three games in  a row starting on Thursday at Madison Square Garden.

And now James Dolan's paranoid lackeys pump up the controversy.

Woodson did talk to the media who showed up at the Knicks practice at their Greenburgh, N.Y. practice facility on Wednesday afternoon.

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