Saturday, May 11, 2013

Prince Harry charms swimmer Missy Franklin with 'Happy Birthday' serenade

There has been no shortage of women for Prince Harry to choose from since he touched down in Washington, D.C. for his tour of America this week. Harrymania seems to follow him everywhere he goes.

But, from the looks of this photo, it seems like England's most eligible bachelor paid special attention to one smitten lady — U.S. Olympic swimming star Missy Franklin.

Yesterday, the Royal Prince sang "Happy Birthday" to the four-time Olympic gold medalist who turned 18, at a British-themed drinks reception in Colorado, where she lives.  He also chatted up British business executives and met fellow military officers. She later tweeted about it.

While the Prince has been bombarded by women on his nine-day visit to the States — where he has laid a wreath for fallen American soldiers, chatted with some of the wounded at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, visited a town devastated by Hurricane Sandy and paid tribute to his mother, Princess Diana, at the White House — he is doing a little more work than play on this jaunt.

Harry, who served with an elite squadron of Apache helicopter pilots in Afghanistan last year, was criticized for being caught with his pants down in Las Vegas the last time he was visiting.

No matter what you think of that whole Royal Family thing across the pond, there's something really likable about this guy.


  1. Prince Harry seems like a class act ! His Mom would be proud.....Go England!

  2. Dang she 18 no offense intended just thought she was older