Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Alex Sanabria goes to the old spitball after giving up home run

The lost art of the spit ball is back again and Miami Marlins pitcher Alex Sanabia wasn't exactly shy about loading up the old baseball after giving up a home run Monday night. We're talking old school spittle —not rosin or sunscreen.

After the Phillies' Domonic Brown slashed a second-inning homer into the stands against Sanabia,  cameras caught the pitcher hocking up a giant loogie and slobbering it all over the ball. The VIDEO at MLB.com shows Sanabia unashamedly lathering it up while Brown circles the bases.

Maybe he thought nobody was watching.

Sanabia (3-6) went on to give up seven slightly slippery hits in 6 1/3-innings en route to a 5-1 Marlins win. He should enjoy the victory while he can because it remains to be seen how MLB will feel about his unhealthy and un-stealthy habits on the mound.

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