Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Chelsea soccer goalie's adorable son scores goal that sends fans wild

The long season has brought some great memories for the Chelsea soccer club this season, including their Europa League triumph.

But perhaps the most adorable moment came after Sunday's 2-1 home victory over Everton, when Ross Turnbull's son, Josh, scored on a breakaway in front of the crowd.

Paulo Ferreira, leaving the club after nine years, was busy giving his farewell speech in the center circle while players and their children stood on the pitch to watch. All except one.

Without a coach in sight, little Josh dribbled the ball from the middle of the pitch towards the goal, with anticipation building among supporters. He stopped near the penalty spot and committed a handball - seemingly unnoticed by officials (heh-heh) - and eventually managed to find the net.

At first he was taken aback by the roar of the crowd, pausing to take the moment in. Then he raised his hands up in deserved celebration. As the little tyke stood in triumph, Chelsea fans chanted,  "Sign him up, sign him up, sign him up." 

He now has one more goal than his dad.


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