Monday, May 20, 2013

Steeler fan's self-tattoo is the worst team tribute ever

It's hard to know what this guy was thinking — or drinking — when he decided to honor the Pittsburgh Steelers by (presumably) giving himself a tattoo of the NFL team's hallowed logo on some part of his body. If he paid someone to ink this monstrosity, he deserves to look at it forever.

There's never a good reason to give yourself a team tattoo unless you're in for life or a Browns fan. This is especially true if you have the coordination — and spelling bee skills — of a pre-schooler.

Case in point: This dude's misspelled and totally illegible tribute to what we can only assume is his favorite team.

Next time the "Steeers" are in town, we'll call you.  Maybe not.


  1. It clearly says "SteeLers." How can you not see the "L" in the middle??

  2. Anon, how about the other 'e'? WOW

  3. at least the circle looks like a circle

  4. This is clearly what happens when people are allowed to drink without any supervision for the first time.....I'd rather wake up next to an ugly woman than to this mess in the morning after drinking too much!